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History facts.

Presumably all houses were built in medieval times. A document of land donation to a religious order, dated back to 1000a.c. circa, cites a public road on the location. A Napoleonic map - charting a wide section of territory around Trezzo Tinella - names the borough as "Riondino". The houses are represented as enclosed on the North side by a round building, of which today we can only appreciate small remains - and which was denominated "Maison Riondino".

During the first world war the borough was used as a coercive residence for Austrian officers held as prisoners. During the second world war the borough and the neighbouring rural cottages of "Langa" and "Torretta" were used as a base for the partisans. The fields of the valleys were used by the American aviation forces for parachuting weapons, munitions and food. More recently, the entire area underwent extensive fractioning which, at the start of 1977, was brought together in a combined body by the Poncellini familiy.

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